Joyfe Joy of safe dating

Confidentiality. We understand what you need

You want new happy dating. And your new friends know what you are wonderful and interesting people. And bad people can not collect information about you and then use it against you. Dating and communication to be safe and without problems. We very well understand you, because we thought about it too. Thus was created the service Joyfe!

Safe dating by interests

• Confidentiality of your data. Thanks to the high-level encryption your correspondence and phone calls are protected from unauthorized access as if they are under lock and key.

 When you register we ask only your e-mail. And do not ask your mobile phone and social networking profiles. All your personal data you can keep a secret!

• You can comfortably send messages directly from the application to strangers without revealing them your phone number. No longer needed in other messengers!

• Sending flash messages. Your message will disappear automatically after about 10 seconds after reading the recipient. Forever! Previously, this could only be seen in a movie about secret agents!

 Easy operation


 We are working on new fantastic features!

 Good choice!

Security = Joyfe

There are many wonderful dating services with a huge number of users. All of them are great! But just like anyone else we care about making your dating and communication were safe. Your personal data is not available to outsiders. People know about you only what you are told. Your correspondence and calls securely encrypted. With flexible application settings your privacy in your hands! The security of your dating is our job.

Live by your rules!

Joyfe gives you a fantastic opportunity to secure new Dating! Regardless of your gender, age, residence, religious or other beliefs.

 Young people find a company for picnics, going to the movies or a concert.

 Older people will find interesting people to spend time together.

• Men can look for men and women – women.

 If you want to find people who share your religious beliefs, select it in the search, and we will find these people.

• Have gathered on a trip? It would be even more interesting if you find new friends in advance.

 The love and new friends are waiting for you!

Enjoy the results!

Imagine that the first time you see a person and already know everything about him! Our easy to use and at the same time powerful filter helps you find a person that you really need. Dating formula that works: Date – Meet – Communicate. Success is guaranteed! Chat, share photos and give gifts, keeping your privacy! Joyfe. Joy of safe dating.

Philosophy of Joyfe Community

We say “no” to the intervention of some people in the privacy of others! We say “yes” to revolution in human communications! We say “yes” to safe dating and conversation.

Join the Joyfe community! Together we will create a new society, and turn the world upside down! The application is free, but Full profile opens up even more opportunities for safe search and communication. Your monthly payment for Full profile is a contribution to our common cause!

Additional Information!

The application is designed for users over 18 years. Photos to the public with the image of the naked body are prohibited. The basis of the program is the use of a cellular signal (3G, 4G) or Wi-Fi, as well as technology GPS. Requires Android 2.2 and above.